Good Behavior 
a short film by Clark Kohanek
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Director's Statement
I'm drawn to stories about hope and self-worth. Often these tales are told by their opposites. Characters who appear awkward at times, even ugly, crude, if not hostile. Characters who's self-destructive ways and acidic exteriors hide a raw beauty, or an aspect of a forgotten nobility. I wrote GOOD BEHAVIOR to explore two such characters ONICA AND BUCK. Characters self-exiled by feelings of inadequacy and shame, both rendered human through attrition, need and loneliness. Confused by inner-perceptions and false memories, one attempts to unveil the other in an unconscious dance towards intimacy. When an authentic moment presents itself, violence follows. Buck, beaten and broken, reveals a moment of vulnerability leaving Onica to face her own truth. Each leaves the others with a gift of great awareness, and a hope for the future. 
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